A new struggle.

It all goes in vain;Those laurels and souvenir.

And my time emerged..
I got posted into levels.It was not that ‘cinch work’ for me to tickle pink them,my Parents.By reason of my siblings,who were all unluckily elder than me and had joined O and A levels according to their voluntary decisions;My parents then thought it was their committal to bind me under their will as I was the last of their kids.I cried,yes I did!I tinged my eyes to sanguine.I would not agree to my moms order.She wanted me to join matric.I would only say,childishly,”mein koi paindo houn?”
She would only rake me over the coals and tell me that if I join matric,I will smoothly get great marks.Everyone around me,even those traitor sisters of mine would say,”OLevels sucks!”
I mean,they had been doing levels and when I wanted enrollment there,they all left me with frustration!Clock was running PDQ.All my friends had submitted their forms and I was left to frown at their backs.
My dad could see it all,perhaps he was moved by pity,thus;one day he declared that he wants me to opt for levels.
Triumphant I felt!
It was like,I had everything now.
I saw my past and all those certificates and laurels I had received started to look v.small.They started to mean nothing.A new struggle had started.
And suddenly I felt nostalgic, I wanted not to do levels but matric then,but now it was too late to hurt my pride in front of my parents.


And now your turn to appreciate or interrogate.

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