Under the cinders?

Under the cinders?

Everything winds up behind your ridge,but regrets do work along.O’levels..a spectator might ponder upon my psychology and pass me as a schizoid,maniac,psyched out ‘lady’.But watch out for yourself,if you are just by my mind…then you too would consider O’levels as a psychotic killer!Olevels is a torture,literally being one.The condition which prevails over you when you are under balls of irons and are agitated and irritated enough to learn thousands of notes and books just to answer 5 or 3 or some questions.Leaving any topic seems like committing a hideous sin.12th May,2014 was the day I got so,so sick of these stuck-up CIE’s that at intervals,new hot tears bubbled out of my eyes and the condition was,damn!
“Olevels is a psychotic killer!To those who are like me,like us!!it literally is the unpredictability of the grades at various phases of olevels which kills you!The world may die but you have to find yourself somewhere between the heaps of rotten pgs!Rotten because you are cramming there contents since 2 years just to get some stars before those ‘A’s!”
Ah,this was the text,outburst of my feelings,which I passed to my bestest buddy.
Uh-huh!enough scaring you off guys,but yes..sadly,Its true…


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