Under the cinders?

Under the cinders?

Everything winds up behind your ridge,but regrets do work along.O’levels..a spectator might ponder upon my psychology and pass me as a schizoid,maniac,psyched out ‘lady’.But watch out for yourself,if you are just by my mind…then you too would consider O’levels as a psychotic killer!Olevels is a torture,literally being one.The condition which prevails over you when you are under balls of irons and are agitated and irritated enough to learn thousands of notes and books just to answer 5 or 3 or some questions.Leaving any topic seems like committing a hideous sin.12th May,2014 was the day I got so,so sick of these stuck-up CIE’s that at intervals,new hot tears bubbled out of my eyes and the condition was,damn!
“Olevels is a psychotic killer!To those who are like me,like us!!it literally is the unpredictability of the grades at various phases of olevels which kills you!The world may die but you have to find yourself somewhere between the heaps of rotten pgs!Rotten because you are cramming there contents since 2 years just to get some stars before those ‘A’s!”
Ah,this was the text,outburst of my feelings,which I passed to my bestest buddy.
Uh-huh!enough scaring you off guys,but yes..sadly,Its true…

A new struggle.

It all goes in vain;Those laurels and souvenir.

And my time emerged..
I got posted into levels.It was not that ‘cinch work’ for me to tickle pink them,my Parents.By reason of my siblings,who were all unluckily elder than me and had joined O and A levels according to their voluntary decisions;My parents then thought it was their committal to bind me under their will as I was the last of their kids.I cried,yes I did!I tinged my eyes to sanguine.I would not agree to my moms order.She wanted me to join matric.I would only say,childishly,”mein koi paindo houn?”
She would only rake me over the coals and tell me that if I join matric,I will smoothly get great marks.Everyone around me,even those traitor sisters of mine would say,”OLevels sucks!”
I mean,they had been doing levels and when I wanted enrollment there,they all left me with frustration!Clock was running PDQ.All my friends had submitted their forms and I was left to frown at their backs.
My dad could see it all,perhaps he was moved by pity,thus;one day he declared that he wants me to opt for levels.
Triumphant I felt!
It was like,I had everything now.
I saw my past and all those certificates and laurels I had received started to look v.small.They started to mean nothing.A new struggle had started.
And suddenly I felt nostalgic, I wanted not to do levels but matric then,but now it was too late to hurt my pride in front of my parents.

irascibility! Matric or Olevels?

OK so this is the despondency every teen goes through! Every traditional ma’s onset to get us into matric seems to take our nights away! On the other hand, we see airbrushed figures educating themselves to perfection in Olevels. You would customarily see yourself gasping under that torture, levels or matric? The decision does not have to be according to your wants, teens! It has to be in accordance to your type. Like, obviously some of you are too much of a nerdy and cram things up. For such kids, getting theories and laws and concepts behind the nature and solutions and words are far too difficult! They will just drink in the words and write them down in their mocks. No guys, Cambridge thing is not your gig.Your mind supports matriculation system. IN ordinary levels,there IS a bit of cramming, but yes,that’s it; a bit! If you want poise and nerves, enlist yourself as an olevels student. BELIEVE me,  Olevels gives you alot of self-confidence and it profuse your mind with ideas worth praising. Where matric system runs quickly,like exams within just a few months of studying, levels gives you much more! EVENTS, PLATFORMS, EXCURSIONS TO ABROAD,VARIOUS OPPORTUNITIES..levels does not bug you,it runs smoothly without much stress in first 2 years. You learn up for 2 whole years and appear in only 3 exams (il surely guide you with levels a bit more later). You enjoy your vacations and treat yourself. Matric is a total running track, you are running all the time cramming and being a nerdy pest. So the conclusion here; if you are a purely conceptually learning kid, opt for levels. Dont worry what you wanna be,whether a doctor or a linguistic master.Olevels offers you education for both and it’s a wrong concept that you have to join only matric and then FSC if you choose medical line.If you are determined enough to get through any system to become what you have always wanted to,you will rich your goals no matter whether it’s matric or levels.Work hard in levels and you reach medical. Yes, join matric system if you care that your age doesnot support levels, like..olevels is a 3 years long run.Matric system is absolute and it can’t disappear from pakistan,whereas change in british policies regarding olevels is not so sure.so Olevels for fun and studies. matric for studies and studies!