Bunking, I need a second.

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Bunking for Good.

No,bunking is not unwholesome to that play. It’s not in any sense bumping you off or getting you slayed. In fact, in such age of emulation and hard studies, it’s what all of us need to unload our shoulders. And if you are so concussed in your routine that there is hardly a second left for you to breathe on your will according to your cravings, what’s even wrong in bunking a class or two just to complete it later with those paid-tutors? well…It’s something healthy! But only if you are determined enough to get your head filled with the words you missed, later on.


The Cons are GREATER!Bunking for worst!

As you may see,Bunking does not mean rejecting a room full of rank and file,rather it means saying a big NO!  to a world full of knowledge and light. O’levels is a class of concepts and different mentor has an altered style of words and way of teaching.Missing any word in O’levels means you stand at a risk greater. And yeah, why do you run from a fuming teacher when he teaches you way better than those sweet teachers of academies.


You may want to skip your class someday but make sure it is nugatory. Skipping your Urdu class one day in a week does not matter much but skipping Maths class this year,though you do not have to appear in its Cambridge Exam yet, is much harming. I will tell You why under the next heading.


The ignored subject are actually the most important.

While not much attention is given to Biology, physics, Maths,Chemistry and English in year Two of Olevels, let it be known you are at worst of all wrongs. Each word taught for these subjects in even one of the classes is thoroughly important because these subjects are more of learning and later comes the concept. If you bunk these classes considering that you are not to appear to scribble in these exams yet,it’s worse than missing out Islamiat, Pak-studies and Urdu.I missed much of my Chemistry and physics classes but What happened?Once I got enrolled for a competition at Gujranwala in BSS, Science brawl. These competition was an immensely good way to check out; where is it that we stand for each subject.And believe me I could test how good was my biology was.I had not even gone through any of the word related to physics or chemistry and I was shocked as my contemporaries of my age knew what it was.And now have I acknowledged, teachers wont event repeat a single word I missed.