…The run starts.

...The run starts.

Such a wrangle I took against my connections,that against their wills and orders I decided to go for year one of olevels when my parents wanted me to skip this year and directly jump to O2.I would not do that,I am much sincere to my grades and i knew if my grades got hurt i would blame this ‘hippety-hop’ from O1 as the reason.I literally was confused,and again…my friends were there to whirl me from what my parents wanted.I didnot skip o1.AND BELIEVE ME,I DO NOT REGRET IT.Though i wasted one inclusive year to the hands of my desires but it was not without glitters.When I caught up to o2,I realized none of the teachers repeated what we had already studied in year one and that we only had 5 months of this sessions for covering up further syllabus,after which students did not give any deliberation towards school,rather studied at home or their so-called academies.Those which came to O2 after hoping over p3 joined loooooooots of academies to cover up their syllabus and some were extremely quick-witted that they would not even bother writing any word on their test sheets.On they other hand,We were able to gulp overmuch syllabus.One thing i never savvy; why take academies if you took 2 whole years of schooling for just a trinity of exams?and one more thing atop it,students i see…amass loads of notes,past papers,guess papers;God,believe me you would even forget if you ever had them when It’s time for exams. Atleasts, It is what fared to be at my time.You must concentrate on your course books initially,because they have been provided as a guidance to us by Cambridge itself,we cant overlook the guidance provided in it.Apart from that,many other books have absolutely invalid contents and off the track information,It’s probably what Olevels never want us to write.Though it is necessary for us to have every morsel of cognition and scholarship,but it has to be valid.Thus; If you are willing to read a side book along,make sure its right as rain.Gather very few books,since the start of your session and officiate along with it.